Eco dyed harem pants | Stephastique Uniques


Eco dyed pants with elastic waistand

Made from upcycled cotton sheets. Fits a size M/L, for accurate sizing we measured the pants so you can compare it to your own size.

  • Size M/L
  • Waist 96 cm
  • Rise 48 cm
  • Hip  178 cm
  • Thigh 178 cm
  • Inseam 67 cm
  • Cuff  44 cm

Eco dyeing is a contemporary application of the traditions of natural dyeing. In eco printing or dyeing, plants are enclosed in textiles, bundled by winding over rods and then steamed in hot water to extract the pigments and produce a print made with plant dyes.


This item is a one of a kind. Stephastique values the environment. Therefore this item is produced using recycled materials, causing the least harm possible to our planet.