concepting | bajes

clothing design Stephanie Willems, Rebeca van Holten, Marjolein Jans

concept Stephanie Willems, Rebeca van Holten, Evita Ellis, Marjolein Jans, Claire Granlund

photography Claire Granlund

editing Rebeca van Holten

For a school project we created a concept called Bajes for P.I. Vught.

The idea behind the concept is that inmates of P.I. Vught will produce the clothing for the fashionbrand Bajes. This way they will develop new skills which they can use once they are out of prison and they will develop a new sence of worthiness. 

They will be taking part in workshops and they will be guided by experts so that they will be capable of producing the clothes. 

'A second chance offers powerfull possibilities'.