about | Stephanie 


Stephanie's work is often described as colorful and sometimes alternative. She finds it important to make statements with her collections. Stephanie believes that there is something unique and beautiful about every person. When asked to design a custom piece she wants to give people the confidence to be themselves and to make them see their own beauty. 


In 2018 she received her Bachelor of Arts by graduating from Academie Artemis. Academie Artemis is an academy for styling, focused on interior, fashion, media, food and retail. After graduating Stephanie took on an internship with fashion designer and seamstress Mirte Engelhard, where she learned about developing patterns and the craft of sewing. 


During her studies Stephanie learned more and more about how the fashion industry is affecting the planet and the people working in the business. At first she felt guilty, what was the point of pursuing her dream career in fashion while it came at such great cost for the environment? She started wondering. If only there was a way to still give people the joy of wearing new clothes, but also be conscious of sustainability. 


In 2019 Stephanie started her clothing label Stephastique. Determined to make a positive change in fashion. Stephanie gets inspired by unique individuals and history's style icons. It's important to her to make people feel good when wearing her designs, and making them feel extra good knowing that they are wearing something that they don't have to feel guilty about. 


Sustainable and unique clothing, isn't it fantastique? No. It's Stephastique. ;)


Introducing Stephastique, a brand that produces funky handmade and custom made clothing. Each piece is made with love and ethically produced in the Netherlands.


Stephastique leads by example. Dedicated to taking positive action in the fashion industry. We only use sustainable garments, such as upcycled second-hand clothing and GOTS certified fabric. Every day we are working on finding the most sustainable solutions for our designs. 


We celebrate individuality and uniqueness with colourful and bold clothing that is inspired by an eclectic mix of different alternative styles and time periods. 


Most of all, we want you to be yourself, be unique, because there is only one of you.